The reason behind a rise in Uganda’s Headline Inflation

Headline inflation is a measure of the total inflation within an economy, including commodities like food and energy prices, (e.g oil and gas), which can easily (spontaneously) rise in case of a sustained increase in general price levels of goods and services. Statistics from the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) indicate that Uganda's annual headline… Continue reading The reason behind a rise in Uganda’s Headline Inflation


Is agriculture benefiting from Uganda’s economic growth?

Harvard's Centre for International Development recently released its latest global growth projections, which lists Uganda as one of the economies to grow fastest by 2026. The report noted that with the fall in oil prices, growth leadership has shifted towards, more diversified economies like Uganda. Uganda is expected to grow by 7.9% annually until 2026… Continue reading Is agriculture benefiting from Uganda’s economic growth?

Memories of what Mulago Hospital was meant to be and what it has become

LAST weekend I found a way of combining roast meat, drinks and a discussion about plastic recycling with an interesting fellow called Frank Morris Matovu, at Zone 7’s Shisanyama (a whole other story of its own). Frank is an architect, an artist, an avid reader, a curator and a collector of old books. I first… Continue reading Memories of what Mulago Hospital was meant to be and what it has become

Uganda needs a boost in its tax base to fill the existing infrastructure gap

In the recently concluded meeting of East African Community (EAC) heads of state held in Kampala, Uganda, bureaucracy was identified as one of the biggest hurdles to infrastructure development within the region. During the meeting, discussions centered around improving electricity generation, linking regional roads, and investment in information and communications technology if the region is… Continue reading Uganda needs a boost in its tax base to fill the existing infrastructure gap

A peek into the future of Uganda’s economy

Based on the data released by Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), economic growth is projected to average about 6.3 percent over the next five years. This growth is mostly being attributed to a rise in public investments, increasing growth in consumption, and improved agricultural productivity, which is largely tied to favorable and consistent weather conditions.… Continue reading A peek into the future of Uganda’s economy

PSFU to boost internship programs in Uganda

Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU), on behalf of Ministry of Finance is implementing a skills development facility (SDF) project to boost internship programs in vocational training institutions. The project will provide grants to companies that are active in agribusiness, construction, and manufacturing such that they are able to take on more students for internship programs.… Continue reading PSFU to boost internship programs in Uganda

uganda: let’s delete the word ‘potential’ from our national dictionary


ON Wednesday morning I jumped out of bed as a rainstorm raged on outside trying to make it difficult for the lazy-minded to leave their beds.
I could have done with a few extra minutes of sleep that morning but the night before I had said something on a radio talk show about how unjustified it was for most of us to sleep at all, given the amount of work we needed to do to develop Uganda.
The thought that someone could call me out for spending longer in bed than I had publicly said was necessary drove me to my desk, so I was watching the storm through the window over the top of my computer as I made my day’s plan, thinking how happy the farming community must be about this weather change.
Only three people these past two weeks have spoken to me about the rains having…

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Will a reduction in the CBR jumpstart Uganda’s economy?

In today's article, I put into perspective the recent move by the Central Bank of Uganda of reducing the CBR in order to jumpstart the economy. Enjoy the read... Over the past months, Uganda's economy has experienced a massive slowdown in its growth. A number of events have played a significant role in this economic… Continue reading Will a reduction in the CBR jumpstart Uganda’s economy?

Mechanization: A kick-start to agricultural prosperity.

Inadequate agricultural mechanization is one of the biggest hindrances to transforming Uganda's agriculture from subsistence to commercial agriculture. The director of National Crops Resources Research Institute (NaCRRI), Dr. Godfrey Asea, recently said that 99.4% of small scale farmers in Uganda use rudimentary and obsolete technologies in agriculture, having tools like hand hoes, hand held axes,… Continue reading Mechanization: A kick-start to agricultural prosperity.

Hindrances to the prosperity of the agricultural sector in Uganda.

Agriculture has been the back bone of Uganda's economy for ages. Recent statistics show that over 80% of Uganda's population is employed at some stage in the agricultural sector. However, the benefits and direct contribution to the economy are yet to be fully derived and enjoyed by the populous involved in this trade. While doing… Continue reading Hindrances to the prosperity of the agricultural sector in Uganda.