Importance of forests with regards to food security.

My sense is that the most under-appreciated and perhaps most under-researched linkages between forests and food security are the roles that forest-based ecosystem services play in underpinning sustainable agricultural production. Forests regulate hydrological services including the quantity, quality, and timing of water available for irrigation. Forests mitigate the impact of climate change and extreme weather events at the landscape scale. Frances Seymour, Center for International Forestry Research.

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Is Climate change a hoax?

There is alot of controversy on this climate change phenomenon. Many people believe that climate change and global warming have been blown out of proportion, most notably being the USA president, Donald J. Trump who famously said that; “Climate¬†change is a scam created by China!

Scientists, however, think otherwise with many study findings alluding to the fact that global warming will and is already having insurmountable effects in the world today.

“While a powerful El nino has faded, the globe’s heat continues to be an enduring aspect. This January was the third warmest January on record according to data released last week by NASA. Large areas saw temperatures that were up to 9 degrees Farhenheit above normal.” Brian Kahn, Climate Central.

In Uganda, the weather-man has of recent failed to make accurate weather forecasts in the past three years or so. The dry spells have been much longer and hotter than earlier predicted. They have come out to say that their mishaps are largely because of climate change.

Recently, the meteorologists predicted that it is going to rain for the next three months, but some areas might only receive small amounts. Lets wait and see how this turns out.

You might be wondering what climate change has to do with the economy. In my next article, I will explore just how significant a role it is playing in today’s economy.

What’s your take on climate change and global warming? Feel free to leave a comment.

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Creativity: Solution to the automation threat.

“There are ways for students to adapt their academic pursuits to compete with an increasingly automated workforce, by learning to be creative thinkers who improvise in ways that computers cannot.” Business Insider

We ought to capitalize on those soft skills that no machine or computer can offer.

Brexit: An Economic dilemma for Britain.

The world was left in absolute shock when the Brexit referendum results were announced in June 2016. Not only was it perceived to be unrealistic, but also highly unlikely given the polls taken at the time.

Having a background in economics, a friend of mine later sought for my opinion on this Brexit phenomenon. She went ahead to ask me its economic impact on Britain and Europe.

In response to her question, I explained along the lines of economic integration, free movement of goods, services, capital and people within Europe. Ironically, I wasn’t entirely convinced with my explanation.

This was no alien feeling since other European Union members were faced with a similar hurdle in trying to figure out the real meaning of Brexit. It’s quite notable that “Brexit” was the most searched word on the internet at the time.

Many people feared that leaving the EU would deeply hurt Britain’s economy. Theresa May made it clear during the referendum that ¬†if UK left the EU, Britain would be left worse off. However, now as UK’s Prime Minister, May has become the leading advocate for Brexit. During a press briefing, she said;

“No deal for Britain is better than a bad deal for Britain-because we would still be able to trade with Europe, we would strike trade deals across the world and we would have the freedom to set competitive tax rates and embrace policies that would attract the world’s best companies and biggest investors to Britain.”

The house of commons overwhelmingly voted in favor of the Brexit bill yesterday (9th Feb 2017), thus it will now have to go through the house of lords.

With Brexit being such an anomaly, will it really boost Britain’s economy?…Or is it flattering to deceive?