Is agriculture benefiting from Uganda’s economic growth?

Harvard's Centre for International Development recently released its latest global growth projections, which lists Uganda as one of the economies to grow fastest by 2026. The report noted that with the fall in oil prices, growth leadership has shifted towards, more diversified economies like Uganda. Uganda is expected to grow by 7.9% annually until 2026… Continue reading Is agriculture benefiting from Uganda’s economic growth?


Uganda needs a boost in its tax base to fill the existing infrastructure gap

In the recently concluded meeting of East African Community (EAC) heads of state held in Kampala, Uganda, bureaucracy was identified as one of the biggest hurdles to infrastructure development within the region. During the meeting, discussions centered around improving electricity generation, linking regional roads, and investment in information and communications technology if the region is… Continue reading Uganda needs a boost in its tax base to fill the existing infrastructure gap

Why Africa should invest in digital technologies

Africa represents about seven percent of the world's internet users, and 37 percent of those are in the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) region. With those statistics, the continent is yet to reach a desirable level of digital connectivity. That said, benefits being enjoyed currently in spite of the limited access to… Continue reading Why Africa should invest in digital technologies

The state of Economics today.


I am always fascinated by the prospect of discovering a new definition of economics and its role in shaping the dynamics of our society. Some of you are probably still caught up in a maze of figuring out what this phenomenon called “Economics” actually is.

A number of people perceive it differently and so have varying views on this subject. Some say economics is a way of life, others say its a science that enables society to utilise scarce resources by making decisions based on individual preferences.

When asked, a colleague of mine just narrowed it down to being some complex subject having lots of incomprehensible jargon, that is apparently only meant for the “elite economist!” Well, I beg to defer. I believe that economics is meant for everybody. From the lady vending maize along the streets to the tycoon owning a number of shopping malls in town…

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Development starts from within us.

I usually take walks along the streets of Kampala everyday after work. Last Friday proved to be one of a kind, mostly because I was accompanied by an enchanting and brilliant young lady. Momentarily, a conversation ensued between us in which I got fully immersed. Just across the street, there sat an able bodied man… Continue reading Development starts from within us.