Living within your means for a better tomorrow.

Today, I was priviledged to attend a conference with the theme Power, Sex, and Money, the emphasis being on Money.

Majority, if not all of the people in attendance were quite youthful, with some of them being university students and others recently starting out in their careers.

The discussion of the day was quite interesting and it was centred around the use of money in economic growth and development on a micro (individual) level.

Very importantly though, it also encompassed how to make clean money that will last for years to come, in the process creating a lasting legacy, accompanied by progressive and sustainable micro economic development.

One of the guest speakers was Mr. Amos Wekesa, founder, Great Lakes Safaris ltd who also happens to be one of my mentors. He emphasised the importance of saving and living not only within, but also below our means.

He argued that this would potentially reduce the amount of debt that many people usually accumulate from owning unecessary liabilities like cars. These unchecked spending habits in many cases also result in the vicious cycle of borrowing. A scenario where one borrows to clear another outstanding debt.

However; “When you save money, one day that money will save you.” Amos Wekesa said.

You should always endeavor to live within your means. Use the money that you have earned wisely to make a positive difference in your family. Invest in assets that will become a reliable source of wealth for generations to come.

When we’ve such a mindset that looks beyond our immediate ‘wants‘ but rather at having sustainable wealth for our children’s children. Then, our nation will eventually benefit from the progressive and sustainable micro-economic development.

In conclusion, I implore you to ask yourself the question below;

What am I doing now so as to have sustainable wealth in future?

Thanks for reading, until next time…

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3 thoughts on “Living within your means for a better tomorrow.”

  1. Saving is important how ever it should be with the aim to invest so as to avoid the posible loses in currency depreciation since the would be profits cover the real money value lost. This would also widen the income base of individuals

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